A flexible and versatile way to communicate.

An accessible way for any business to move away from their aging communications.

A system built for the future

The ISDN switch-off is coming. Businesses need to be prepared for the fact that many of their aging communication systems will no longer work within the space of a few years. SIP trunking gives you a platform to prepare for the future. SIP trunks are easily scalable and can be adapted to fit the needs of your business no matter how your company grows. 

SIP Trunks

Enable UC through SIP

SIP trunking can be an important step on the way to unifying your business communications. They provide a link between your on premise system and the internet that you can use to take advantage of a variety of new systems. With UC, video conferences, instant messaging and file sharing are all at your fingertips. 

SIP Trunks

Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams has offered businesses a huge amount of versatility, and Direct Routing can take this one step further. Direct routing allows you to handle external calls being made to your business through Teams’ interface. This makes your communications more accessible and opens up a variety of helpful call control features.

on premise phone systems

The best of both worlds

SIP Trunking is the perfect way to combine the versatility of the cloud with the handsets your business already uses. By handling your calls through the internet, you gain a faster and more cost-effective way to communicate, while allowing you to work with the devices you choose.

Save money no matter the telephony services you use

No matter if your business is using the latest Cloud or SIP phone systems, or more traditional on-premise systems, we aim to save you money. Our team can provide impartial advice and consult your team about the phone system that best suits your needs. We understand that no two systems are alike and can cater to your requirements. 

lines and calls

Discover the cost benefits of the cloud

If your business switches to a cloud phone system, then your charges can reduce dramatically. Whether handling calls between your business’ own locations, mobile calls and even international communications, cloud systems save you money. Our team can advise how your business can make the most of calling via the internet. 

Lines and Calls

The Benefits.

For teams on the move

SIP Trunks can support businesses easily across multiple premises, making it simple to port numbers and get your new location up and running quickly. The same applies to working from home and your communications are consistent wherever you are.  

Business Continuity

If your office is inaccessible, your SIP trunks can support you wherever you are. Calls can be easily routed from one system to another, without numbers changing. This is massively beneficial for teams who require consistent communications at all times. 

Lines & Calls

Cost savings are huge when you switch to an IP communication service. There are significant cost benefits for every single call you make compared to a traditional ISDN system. Even international calls are far cheaper through an online network. 

Retail Solution

SIP trunks are ideal for businesses with fluctuating call times, if you understand the busiest times of your day, a SIP solution can help you to get a better grasp on them. This service is ideal for hospitality, healthcare and retail. 

SIP and Call Package


With a SIP Trunk, you no longer have to worry about location based restrictions

Stay Prepared

If your business is still working with ISDN, then now is the time to switch

Save Money

Line rental and calls are significantly cheaper than a traditional comms system

Regular Support

Our team will regularly review your tariff to ensure that you get the best deal

We have dealt with TC Solutions for over 10 years now. We commend them for their attitude to their clients, their customer service is exemplary, nothing is ever too much trouble and they always go out of their way to help, even for the silliest of requests.

I would like to thank your company personnel at the customer services division for their excellent support. TC Solutions provided timely and helpful advice by managing our mobile contract, saving us a lot of time and energy, proactive upon renewal time and quick to solve any issues.

We have used Totally Converged for the business mobiles at Sugar Hut for the last 4 years. All the staff are so happy to help and they have always managed to offer us the best deals and offer advice whenever we need it. Very happy with their services.

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