M2M Connectivity & IoT

Connecting things, technology, businesses and people.

What is M2M Connectivity?

M2M is the exchange of information between multiple devices without any need for human interference. The most well-known example of M2M technology are the mobile networks that connect our smartphones every day. M2M allows for more flexibility when communicating and can be used across a variety of industries. M2M Connectivity allows you to power a variety of devices without being limited by an internet connection.

Discover IoT-enabled devices

The Internet of Things is a rapidly expanding eco-system of devices that are connected to the internet. The rise of smart-homes and self driving cars are no joke, this technology looks like it’s here to stay. Businesses can make the most of this by connecting their assets through IoT, leading to high speed data transfers, new cloud devices and improved performance.

Shaping the way businesses connect

Cloud communications have already changed many of our working practices, but IoT enabled devices look to revolutionise things further. Being able to distrube information to a huge range of different devices simultaneously is a fantastic way to improve business efficiency or get a new message across to your customers.

How to future-proof your business

Support for M2M and IoT technology is built into a whole range of systems. Our cloud-based communication services offer support for IoT applications, and our mobile infrastructure supports the fastest data connectivity. Preparing for the future of technology is about investing in systems that can sustain your business for years to come.

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M2M & IoT Features.

Connect Securely

With IoT enabled devices, remote workers can access their office systems far more securely.

Real-time monitoring

Connected devices allow you to get the clearest picture of customer activity, allowing you to tailor your future moves.

Provide Care

The care industry is hugely benefited by these devices. Better connected devices allow you to engage patients and react quickly in an emergency.


Events are set to be revolutionised by connected devices. Streaming one set of content to thousands of devices has never been easier.

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