On Hold Music & Messaging.

Make a great impression with professional, personalised On-Hold marketing messages.

How can my business benefit from On-Hold Marketing?

Even if you can’t answer a customer call immediately, an on-hold marketing service allows you to keep them engaged. Our service provides you with a variety of different audio solutions that you can tailor to your customer’s needs.

Advertise your additional services, provide useful added information and stop callers from hanging up early.

Packages from just £49.99 per month

Create a marketing solution tailored to your business. A professional audio solution helps to provide a professional image and a more coherent brand identity. Get in touch with our experts to find a solution that suits you.

Choose your files.


Peaceful, lively sounds for a relaxed and casual brand image.

Acoustic Corporate

Provide a warm and inviting welcome to your business.


Upbeat, lively tones for a modern team.

Ambient Corporate

Impress callers with a corporate but welcoming soundtrack.


A professional and lively track, ideal for marketing purposes.


Ambient tunes with a more natural approach, perfect for brands with a greener image.

Smooth and Easy

A casual and relaxed track for teams with a chilled-out approach.

Soft Ambient

A subtle and peaceful track, useful for teams who need to prioritise information.


A piano based track, great for corporate and smaller teams alike.

Audio Sample

A fantastic example of a track featuring a sample voiceover.