Vodafone One Net Express keeps you in touch with your customers. It gives you a landline number that rings on your mobile, so you don't need someone in the office to pick up calls. You get hunt groups, to make sure calls get answered. And auto-attendant features, like 'dial 1 for sales'.

A landline number gives your business local credibility. There's no need for any separate landline contract or installation.

  • All calls routed directly to your mobile
    Never miss a call, look professional and attract business from other areas
  • Like having a virtual assistant
    Use ‘big business’ call handling features like Hunt Groups and Automated Answer
  • Unlimited UK calls and standard texts
    All inclusive in our price plan, keeping your costs down
  • Ideal for businesses of 1 to 9 people
  • Your landlines and mobiles work together
    So your employees can manage calls in and out of the office and they have just one voicemail too
  • One contract, one provider, One Net
    Your desk phones, mobiles and contract all in one - total simplicity
  • Keep control of your call costs
    Calls cost the same from either your desk phone or mobile
  • Ideal for businesses of 10 to 50 people

Do you have a landline number?

Would a landline number make your business look more professional?

Would you like to get more business from further afield?

Would a local presence in a different area attract more customers?

If you answer Yes to any of the above then Vodafone One Net Express may be the right solution for you. Please call our Sales team on 01908 768340 or click here to contact us.

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