Vodafone One Net Business is the complete cloud-based communications system that connects your desk phones, mobiles and voicemail. It¹s a simple idea, but it makes business more efficient.

Simplify the way you communicate

Employees can take any call or message on either their mobiles or desk phones. So they can respond straight away to customers and colleagues, and work more efficiently, anywhere.

Simplify the way you manage your communications

Consolidating your communications with one provider makes things simpler across the business. Bills and costs are streamlined. Growth and change are more manageable.

Features that make everything simpler

Online Portal/Mobile App

Manage the whole system via a user-friendly portal on your PC screen or Mobile App

Hunt Groups

Enable incoming calls to one number to be answered by anyone in a select group

Call Pickup

Allow employees or teams to answer each other's calls

Multiple Offices

Connect separate premises on the same virtual communications system

If you would like to discuss how One Net can benefit your organisation, please contact our sales team on 01908 768340 or email us by clicking here.

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